Ten years gone

Anna asked last week if we had envisaged the company turning out like it has.

Another way of phrasing this question would be….

Did we, in 2004, imagine that we would be celebrating our tenth anniversary with 40 people in the Isle of Wight (not to mention a further 10 who are unable to be with us today)?

Did we imagine that we would be working with 65 different agencies in 57 different countries?

Did we imagine we would have our own in-house IT/Development team, and have given nearly 30 graduates their first proper job?

Did we imagine that we would have a sister company in Windsor run by an old school friend of mine?

Did we imagine that our simple idea would become an industry standard in places as far reaching as Shanghai, Sydney & Stockholm?

The honest answer is ‘no’

(Even more surprising is that I find myself still working with Paul almost 20 years to day since first meeting and not liking each other very much.)

Back in 2004 we knew had something that could be good, but it still took a further year before we knew it was good enough to build a business on.

In 2005 we plotted out a plan that envisaged growing to become a team of twenty-one people in a global operation. This felt ambitious, given it was two of us planning world domination over a cup of tea (Lapsang Souchong of course) in Connecticut.

We knew our idea had potential, but what we didn’t really conceive was the catalysing effect of adding 40 or 50 talented people to this idea.

This is what has made the whole thing much bigger and better than we ever envisaged. It has meant two grumpy old men who might have seen out their working lives working independently and in relative solitude have had the good fortune to meet and work with all of you instead.

And there is no doubt that all of this is only possible because of you. We certainly couldn’t have done it by ourselves.

So, thank you.

Although we haven’t grown quite as fast as Google (founded six years before us), it is still pretty surprising at how quickly we have gown, particularly over the last three years. It shows how much can be achieved in a relatively short space of time.

Many of you have a good three or four decades of working life ahead of you. If you consider what has happened to CRC in a single decade, just think what you will be able to achieve in three or four times the time.

Not all of you will do it with us, but hopefully a number of you will. And if the next ten years shows as much progress as the last ten years, it will be quite a ride.

So let’s raise our glasses to ten years gone and to ten years to come.

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