21 things

21 things you should know about Jay

1. He has a very talented father.

2. Jay  was born bright yellow and spent his first few days under a sun lamp.

3. His feet used to be as wide as they were long.

4. Jay was obsessed with his baby bouncer and, suspended from door frames, would spend as much time bouncing up and down as he now spends on Call of Duty.

5. His specialist subject used to be helicopters, specifically the Robinson R22.

6. Jay and Robert once looked so alike that Robert’s nanny once took Jay home from school by mistake.

7. Aged 11, he made his catwalk debut alongside Vogue model of the year Cara Delevinge.

8. He was once a national judo champion. He isn’t now.

9. He sang in the Albert Hall in front of an audience of 8,000 people.

10.  Kitted out in red spandex leotard, Jay had an undefeated season as a wrestler.

11.  He has a formal rejection letter from US Military.

12. In Chicago he attended a school where the uniform was ‘no knives or chains’

13. His favorite car is a pastel blue VW Beetle convertible with a flower holder.

14. His Superdrug work colleagues all insisted on taking pictures of him standing next to a cardboard cut-out of Justin Bieber, such is the resemblance

15. He once went on camping holiday and forget to pack the tent poles.

16. He was the star attraction in an exhibition Fives match in Boston.

17. He lost £100 betting against Andy Murray. At exactly the same time his father became £100 richer.

18. Those of you if have admired his moves on the dance floor will not be surprised to know that he stars as Beaumont Bear, Camp Beaumont’s famous dancing bear.

19. He’s nearly as good at skiing as his father

20. He’s about to turn 21 and he still has a nanny.

21. His proud father has a talented son

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